A Letter for Harry

It’s almost eleven years since I started loving you.

I can still clearly remember how magical it felt. It was summer. One of the most glorious summers I’ve ever experienced. Unknowingly, I picked up a random book lying around in my cousin’s house. I started skimming through its pages, not really interested in going through the whole thing. But what began as an escape from boredom suddenly turned into something beautifully unexpected.

I was enchanted by your story. Every word seemed to spring into life and gently tugged me along into a wonderful journey that I will never regret I took.

You were in your third year at Hogwarts, and there was so much that you must face for such a young age. I don’t know which was more enthralling then – the place, the characters or the plot. I laughed, I scowled, I cried. I fell in love with all of you. I was taken into a completely wonderful world, one I’d love to explore.

You are not perfect, Harry. You were never meant to be. You have weaknesses and flaws. But your strengths outweighed them all.

Your imperfections wound your way into my heart, and I was never the same again. You remind me of everything good in life. Not really surprising when half of my existence revolved around your world.

And yes, the nostalgia is killing me now…in the most exquisite way.


8 thoughts on “A Letter for Harry

  1. Wow ! * waves* I listened to all HP podcasts, read everything harry on the Internet, got in line at 12 midnight at first sale of books….. and dreamt about Harry. It’s sad there won’t be anymore Harry we can read about.

    Cheers !


  2. Beautifully written. The way you said ‘His strengths outweighed all his faults’… It’s perfectly put. It’s a fact that the world of Harry lives with us forever. 😀


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