We are Supernovas Waiting to Happen 


You and I have seen it coming
But you still tremble in fear
With the very thought of dying
Of letting go something dear

You say we have to stay the same
Stay where we are, stay as we are
You put too much trust in the now
And I want to discard all but our name

What are you so afraid of?
We can scatter our pieces to places
Our feet did not reach before
They can soar from shore to shore

We are either here or there
Will it matter how and where
We spend the rest of our days
When we can die in so many ways?

But darling, I’d rather we end this way
A giant explosion of matter
Let us blind them with our light
They can mourn us later, or never


31 thoughts on “We are Supernovas Waiting to Happen 

  1. This really hurts, now I’ve read it. The balance of pain and rationality. Loss and acceptance. Does the memory ever fade? Beautiful writing that hits the spot hard for all of us who’ve known it.

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