A Requiem for Dead Souls Among the Living

Image source: Favim

I thought I could smother
Those yearnings with quiet ease
So I resolved myself into a life of solitude
But the voices inside my heart
Want fireworks and shooting stars
They scream for supernovas and black holes
I cave in, signing a thousand death certificates
As little by little, I scatter a piece of my soul
And with every love found and lost
With every hello and goodbye
I watch them wither like autumn leaves


19 thoughts on “A Requiem for Dead Souls Among the Living

  1. with dreams,
    living through
    the night,
    till each dawn.
    i walk among
    broken wishes.

    WoW!!!! beautiful poem…….loved it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Love the poem – you’ve got real poise!
    I have just had my first book of poetry published, Prism – an anthology
    Visit sensualism.me and you’ll see all the details – on sale now
    A little book of poetry would make a great gift this Christmas
    Take care, O. x

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  3. The Wholly Visible Man

    There was this kid
    Who was born in the last century
    And he was wholly visible
    I mean you couldn’t see his internal organs
    or anything like that
    But you could see his thoughts and passions
    They were literally written all over his face
    His mother noticed it first
    When she breast fed him
    she saw rivers of satisfaction coursing his face
    She saw tornados of anger encircle his arms
    Saw oceans of flight churn his running legs
    Saw needles of hate slide down his fingers
    toward his sister
    His mother took him to a doctor
    Before his dad might notice
    And he referred her to a specialist
    Who referred her to another specialist
    Who told her
    “That’s the damndest thing I’ve ever seen.”
    “What can we do?”
    “I have no idea.”
    Rumor has it that they removed vestidule wings from his shoulder
    But there is no supporting evidence
    His mother home schooled him
    She made excuses
    She tried makeup
    Tried etiquette classes
    Tried hypnosis and fortune tellers
    His mother later ran off with the circus
    To live with gypsies
    We will not go into the difficulty
    His condition presented when he tried to date
    Think about it
    His every whim and fancy in full view
    What self respecting girl would want to see all that
    He completed a college degree in interactive art
    With an minor in microprocessor interfacing design
    They built an entire new wing
    On the proceeds of his patents of the sensu-sound theatre systems
    He changed his name
    And retired into seclusion
    disappearing from the public eye

    The Chameleon Effect

    The young girl said
    “How do you do that?”
    He said
    “You can’t see me.”
    She said
    “Yeah you’re right there
    and there and
    you are very hard to see
    I agree
    But there you are.”
    And she laughed
    He turned and tried to walk away
    But she caught his arm
    “I just want to know
    How you do that.
    Can you teach me?”
    “I doubt it.”
    “It’s a neat trick.”
    “Don’t you need to be some other place?”
    And there they stood
    for the better part of an hour
    “Does your mother know you talk to strangers?”
    “Nope. Besides you aren’t a stranger.
    I see you here almost every day.
    What’s your name?”
    “Your name
    What’s your name?”
    And for perhaps the first time
    He looked into the eyes of another
    And found humanity
    Finton Silverwryn.”
    “That’s a nice name
    My name is Natisha and I’m seven years old
    Everybody says I look more like I’m nine
    but I’m seven.”
    How do you see me?”
    “I can’t see you straight on
    But if I look at the edges you are knida blurry
    You come here to this bench almost every day
    And you look around
    I remember when the fat lady almost sat on you.”
    “Natisha most people never see me
    And the ones that do don’t like it.”
    I like it OK
    Besides I’m just a girl
    And no one sees me either.
    Ut-Oh I hear mom calling,
    “Bye Natisha.”
    And for the first time in forty three years
    Finton felt something akin to . . .
    Well he didn’t have words for it
    He only knew that he would miss Natisha
    And he did
    As the days passed Natisha
    Traded kindness for indifference
    Traded gentleness for coolness
    Finton never stood a chance
    He showed her that he could become invisible
    By becoming one with the world around him
    He would let the sunlight flow through his heart
    He would let the wind course his hair
    He would open himself to the setting sun
    And at night
    If he focused really hard
    He could become the tiny points of light

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