Chasing Dreams

It is a strange thing to happen when you wake up one morning and find the inner peace you enjoy suddenly disrupted by a dream, something akin to a rhythmic flow of the waves broken midway by an oncoming ship. Jeremy Coulter  he was immune to such nonsense. His life may not always go according … More Chasing Dreams


A Letter for Harry

It’s almost eleven years since I started loving you. I can still clearly remember how magical it felt. It was summer. One of the most glorious summers I’ve ever experienced. Unknowingly, I picked up a random book lying around in my cousin’s house. I started skimming through its pages, not really interested in going through … More A Letter for Harry


She looked at him, and her heart ached. His beautiful head was down, his shoulder slumped and never in this life had he appeared so vulnerable. Tentatively, she touched a hand to his shoulder. “Liam? He looked up, his eyes bleak but dry. She knew better as her gaze drifted on his handsome face that … More Untitled


“You’re walking in the rain, sugar.” She halted her steps and turned with a saccharine-sweet smile on her lips. “Don’t worry, I won’t melt.” She noted how breathtaking he looked, standing casually in the covered walkway with his signature boyish smile in place. He suddenly took off his baseball cap and started walking towards her. … More RAINDROPS AND YOU

Chance Encounter

There you are again, in your usual splendour that never fails to take my breath away. My heart skipped a beat. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. My eyes never left your gorgeous face as you made your way into my side. I greedily drank in your sight, as if any moment you’re going to disappear. Afraid that … More Chance Encounter

As Lovers Go

You’re a beautiful puzzle I don’t want to solve, simply because the air of mystery makes you even more intriguing in my eyes than you already are. You make me fall into too deep a thought I forgot about everything else, just the magic of the moment I keep recounting in my giddy, befuddled brain. … More As Lovers Go


She welcomed the day ahead with a smile, a smile that did not quite reach her eyes, eyes that often see beyond the present and the far distance of “what could be”.  Out of the window, into the pale pink horizon, her gaze drifted, never missing the last twinkle of the morning star. As dewdrops … More Regret