You asked me to think of beautiful things And I imagine star-strewn summer skies The chirping crickets that lull me to sleep The tangerine kiss of heaven and earth But nothing can surpass the gorgeous green of your stormy eyes where my dreams begin and my sun rises and I live again. Happy birthday, Harry … More Harry

Raindrops and You

It’s raining again. It rained yesterday and last night too. It’s not that I hate the rain. And hate is too strong a word, even for hurricanes. I’m grateful for the shower of grace bestowed by the heavens. I have always imagined the earth revel in its velvet touch. The trees sway in glee. The … More Raindrops and You

A Letter for Harry

It’s almost eleven years since I started loving you. I can still clearly remember how magical it felt. It was summer. One of the most glorious summers I’ve ever experienced. Unknowingly, I picked up a random book lying around in my cousin’s house. I started skimming through its pages, not really interested in going through … More A Letter for Harry


Memories, for me, are some kind of comfort. I retrieve the sad ones when I feel like I’m way too happy. I regain the happy ones when I feel like being drowned in sadness. Others I recount because I need company when I feel alone and lonely. And all those times, the memories are made … More MEMORIES AND MUSIC