One Year Ago

I’ll tell you a secret. I loved you. And I hated you. I’ve felt all sorts of emotions I’ve never experienced before. It was liberating and exhausting. But it’s true, what they say about time healing wounds. I feel better now. God, I feel divine. I can look at your face without dying inside. I … More One Year Ago


She looked at him, and her heart ached. His beautiful head was down, his shoulder slumped and never in this life had he appeared so vulnerable. Tentatively, she touched a hand to his shoulder. “Liam? He looked up, his eyes bleak but dry. She knew better as her gaze drifted on his handsome face that … More Untitled

As Lovers Go

You’re a beautiful puzzle I don’t want to solve, simply because the air of mystery makes you even more intriguing in my eyes than you already are. You make me fall into too deep a thought I forgot about everything else, just the magic of the moment I keep recounting in my giddy, befuddled brain. … More As Lovers Go