Raindrops and You

It’s raining again. It rained yesterday and last night too. It’s not that I hate the rain. And hate is too strong a word, even for hurricanes. I’m grateful for the shower of grace bestowed by the heavens. I have always imagined the earth revel in its velvet touch. The trees sway in glee. The … More Raindrops and You

Do I Know You?

This is the last of our monthly blog post challenge. We have been doing this for more than a year now, albeit irregularly. But it has been a rewarding experience, sharing our thoughts about a common subject. I will miss this, surely. So for the last time, here’s my take on Karenina‘s chosen topic. You may … More Do I Know You?

When Life Happens

I haven’t visited this blog for a while because…well, because life happened. I had a roller coaster ride for the past three months. I guess, I really lived. I mean, really live without being among the clouds. I’ve done a lot of reflections, and I realized many things. I think I grew up a little. … More When Life Happens