We are Supernovas Waiting to Happen 

You and I have seen it coming But you still tremble in fear With the very thought of dying Of letting go something dear You say we have to stay the same Stay where we are, stay as we are You put too much trust in the now And I want to discard all but … More We are Supernovas Waiting to Happen 



You plan to fill empty spaces With stories crawling out of your soul They are damned but beautiful, and wildly defiant Pouring out in torrents they claim territories Inch by little inch, they grow out of obscurity They paint vignettes of abandoned dreams Dashed hopes and trampled yearnings Lost love and tragic endings A past … More Immortalized

A Plea

Lead me to the cavern of your mind I want to get lost in your world I don’t care if it is dark or jaded I don’t care if there is no way out I only want to know what makes you tick To unravel the thoughts in your head And make a necklace out … More A Plea