Fires and Ashes

  I used to be the fire that melts the ice in your veins While others turn to cold stone at the curve of your lips. You asked me to burn you with quiet gaze and nimble touch and feverish mouth until the passion consumes our whole being. But when our heartbeats stopped pounding so … More Fires and Ashes

So Long

Today is Mother’s Day. But aside from my nanay, there was this woman who made a mark in my life. She passed away last Friday. It was inevitable and our family has come to accept it. But it still hurts. At first, I felt numb when I heard the news. She was rushed to the … More So Long


I remember you like a splatter of raindrops on a window pane Your smile was a butterfly kiss rioting in my chest Your laughter felt like molten whiskey on a pouring rain You captivated my eyes, you captured my soul You were there, I had you But only for a fleeting moment I cannot make … More Drifter

The Best Deception

There’s nothing more painful than the thought that you were never enough to make him stay. Suddenly, you are torn between wanting to move on from the memories and holding on for the impossible. But what can you do when he had already given up the fight? It’s a fruitless cause. You will only end … More The Best Deception

Which Way to Go?

Sometimes, your choices don’t always agree with what your mind and heart tell you to do. There are instances that you have to choose the right thing even if it hurts. And there are always those times when you have to stand by your choice even if it kills you. Life rarely gives you what … More Which Way to Go?


You spend your days pining for someone who is oblivious of your existence, and one day you just wake up and realize how foolish you have been. Right there and then, you could have slapped yourself, but what’s the point? It won’t change the fact that you wasted a good part of your life trapped … More Heartbreak