The Parting of Ways

Dusk signifies a beginning and an end The sun inches closer to its next destination Before long it will disappear behind the mountain And I will be left wondering what it does on the other side Does it close its eyes and give in to sleep The way you did after I said good night? … More The Parting of Ways


Blue Moon

Tonight I think of you Coax you out of the crevice Of well-hidden memories It is summer again And the sky is forget-me-not blue The clouds seem to meander From here to there with quiet ease Your eyes, your nose, your hair Form a familiar sight To make my heart sing And your smile, oh … More Blue Moon

So Long

Today is Mother’s Day. But aside from my nanay, there was this woman who made a mark in my life. She passed away last Friday. It was inevitable and our family has come to accept it. But it still hurts. At first, I felt numb when I heard the news. She was rushed to the … More So Long