When the past feels out of touch And now is filled with lies When the pain is too much And the tears scald her eyes She thinks of velvet skies Where the moon gleams brightest Among thousands of dazzling stars And she knows that her chest Heartbreak viciously carved Will one day stop hurting And … More Transitory


Break my heart Make me whole again Pull me closer Cast me away Tell me lies Show me the ugly truth Kiss me Turn around and never look back Forget me Remember me always In this dance Of love and hate I try to weigh Which side to sway My heart is ready To leap … More Paradoxical


At night while the world sleeps and the stars wake I delve deep into the recess of my mind And I wonder how I can quench and slake The desires of my insatiable heart My dreams far and wide, impossible in this life Bring me nothing but sour tears and heartache For who will not … More Disillusioned


  Upon waking up I saw the sky burning as intricate as a story as profound as a poetry I waited for the fire to bathe the earth in gold and for the music of lyre to chase away the cold I watched clouds parting as brilliant rays come out of hiding A world held … More Aurora


Seven days a week I wish for moments of some reprieve Of long walks down the beach near the house where I live Listening to the gentle waves kissing my tired feet I will count them the way I would my own heartbeat Tonight I will utter that wish again while I stand outside Under … More Solitude