A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale Be careful of the things You say at 1 am When the quiet of the night Becomes unbearable And you try to drown The silence with a confession. Your heart on your throat – Beating, beating, beating Like the drum of an impending war. And it is war, What is happening inside … More A Cautionary Tale

The Story of Us

The words escape yet again Strange, they are within my grasp I feel them churning under my skin Wanting to crawl out into the sun I long to take a knife and carve an opening Let them flow like water into an ink bottle So that when the time is ripe for reckoning I will … More The Story of Us


Break my heart Make me whole again Pull me closer Cast me away Tell me lies Show me the ugly truth Kiss me Turn around and never look back Forget me Remember me always In this dance Of love and hate I try to weigh Which side to sway My heart is ready To leap … More Paradoxical

One Year Ago

I’ll tell you a secret. I loved you. And I hated you. I’ve felt all sorts of emotions I’ve never experienced before. It was liberating and exhausting. But it’s true, what they say about time healing wounds. I feel better now. God, I feel divine. I can look at your face without dying inside. I … More One Year Ago


As sure as death, you sneak into my life. Like a tranquil storm, you steal my heart. I cannot remember where I end, where we begin. All I know, the fragile thread that binds us will soon wear thin. As those who depart, our shared past will turn to dust.