So Long

Today is Mother’s Day. But aside from my nanay, there was this woman who made a mark in my life. She passed away last Friday. It was inevitable and our family has come to accept it. But it still hurts. At first, I felt numb when I heard the news. She was rushed to the … More So Long


She looked at him, and her heart ached. His beautiful head was down, his shoulder slumped and never in this life had he appeared so vulnerable. Tentatively, she touched a hand to his shoulder. “Liam? He looked up, his eyes bleak but dry. She knew better as her gaze drifted on his handsome face that … More Untitled


She makes a pretty picture. Standing at the cliff and facing the raging stormy sea.  She looks like a witch, a solitary one at that. No wait, she is a witch. And she is alone, apart from the gnawing grief that threatens to break her apart. Her hair cascades in her back, a waterfall of … More Prologue