All About Books

Photo source:   I think it was Frank Zappa who said, “Too many books. Too little time.” Or something that goes that way. So I, being a little desperate, tried to get my hands on as many books worth reading. They are never enough. And the thought of not being able to read all the … More All About Books


She’s a fragile little thing And the men flock around To catch her if she falls They hold her like a glass That might break anytime But they never see the claws The wicked smile on her lips The glint of fury in her eyes They never know she removes Her innocent mask at night … More Disguise

The Story of Us

The words escape yet again Strange, they are within my grasp I feel them churning under my skin Wanting to crawl out into the sun I long to take a knife and carve an opening Let them flow like water into an ink bottle So that when the time is ripe for reckoning I will … More The Story of Us