You plan to fill empty spaces With stories crawling out of your soul They are damned but beautiful, and wildly defiant Pouring out in torrents they claim territories Inch by little inch, they grow out of obscurity They paint vignettes of abandoned dreams Dashed hopes and trampled yearnings Lost love and tragic endings A past … More Immortalized


There stood the house As hollow in the inside As it is in the outside Like the taciturn man Who leaves at sunrise With nothing to live for But to beg the heaven To end his suffering And like the old house He is waiting in vain

Drunken Stupor

I know not how to be happy Like a madman who comes Shouting down the street Telling the world The echoes of his heart I only know how to get drunk On coffee every morning On poetry on good days On thoughts of you sometimes When I’m visited by amnesia And forget that I was … More Drunken Stupor


You wake up at sunrise to say goodnight Just before I yield to the call of dreams But sleep has been evading me for days I want your arms around me, strong and warm Without them, cold seeps through my bones I’m left trembling between the sheets of silk I want to hold your hand … More Meridian


Once when you were my world You told me you would gather the stars And lay them at my feet Once when I was young and foolish I truly believed you How I believed you What we had was an illusion When what we needed was the truth P.S. I always fail to review my … More Deceit