She is long gone But her presence lingers I smell her in your silken sheets A hint of cinnamon and vanilla And something else I can’t place I hear her laughter when the wind Coax music out of the door chimes I feel her gentle hands Everytime I take out your coffee mugs And … More Indelible


A Futile Waltz

How can it be so banal And yet irresistible This bizarre dance Of uncertainty You and me Taking one step forward And two steps back Back and forth We sway in a rhythm No one else can hear We are waves Kissing the shore Only to retreat Gather our frayed nerves Praying this time It … More A Futile Waltz


Little one, I come to this place again Where vines crawl like snakes to wrap themselves Around the stone in which your name was carved The humid air stay still Not one leaf turned, not one bush swayed I want to bring you news from home About father’s constant battle with his demons Liquor, gambling … More Untainted


You asked me to think of beautiful things And I imagine star-strewn summer skies The chirping crickets that lull me to sleep The tangerine kiss of heaven and earth But nothing can surpass the gorgeous green of your stormy eyes where my dreams begin and my sun rises and I live again. Happy birthday, Harry … More Harry

Blue Moon

Tonight I think of you Coax you out of the crevice Of well-hidden memories It is summer again And the sky is forget-me-not blue The clouds seem to meander From here to there with quiet ease Your eyes, your nose, your hair Form a familiar sight To make my heart sing And your smile, oh … More Blue Moon