Two Worlds

I live in two worlds One is as warm As a balmy summer The other is cold Like a winter’s breath Where there is sun I can see the infinite field Of jade and amber And to my ears they whisper A song of joy and laughter In the narrow road Where darkness reign My … More Two Worlds

Old Souls

You have been here before Known your way, above and below Known for instance the difference Between living and existing With an ancient sight you perceived Those indiscernible to the naked eyes And this world has no feelings Your ancient heart has not absorbed The pain and hope and sheer ecstasy Of many lifetimes create … More Old Souls


I never told them But I find solace in the dark A kiss of eternity Never knowing If it’s morning or night Never knowing If I live or dream Time tick on While I lie and stare At the canopy of despair I can hear voices But they are echoes Of yesterday’s paradise Gone. Almost … More Charade

The Pursuit

You have heard it all Hearts singing in joy Souls fluttering like wings Anguished cry of a boy Soft lullabies of spring You have seen it all Spirits breaking apart Hopes dashed to the ground Love thriving from the start Greed that knows no bound You have sampled it all A taste of salty air … More The Pursuit

Beyond Death

It is no secret that with life comes death, a tangled truth one cannot escape. Most fear the latter. Many take the former for granted. To tackle its mysteries, men have created theories of how we came to be in this world. They also attempt to explain what happens when we are no longer here, … More Beyond Death