So Long

Today is Mother’s Day. But aside from my nanay, there was this woman who made a mark in my life. She passed away last Friday. It was inevitable and our family has come to accept it. But it still hurts. At first, I felt numb when I heard the news. She was rushed to the … More So Long


As sure as death, you sneak into my life. Like a tranquil storm, you steal my heart. I cannot remember where I end, where we begin. All I know, the fragile thread that binds us will soon wear thin. As those who depart, our shared past will turn to dust.


Desire sets our compass; real life steers our course. One of my most favorite moments in this lifetime – meeting Mitch Albom.   I was in college when I first read his book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It was recommended by a good friend of mine. The experience was surreal. I’ve always … More Awestruck