Little one, I come to this place again Where vines crawl like snakes to wrap themselves Around the stone in which your name was carved The humid air stay still Not one leaf turned, not one bush swayed I want to bring you news from home About father’s constant battle with his demons Liquor, gambling … More Untainted

The Obstinate Moth

I wish I listened to you, Nana When you warned me not to come closer to the flame But its warmth is too tempting And its blaze is too dazzling It beckoned me to the circle of fire So I waltzed straight into its very heart You may think of me sometimes when you’re alone … More The Obstinate Moth

Old Souls

You have been here before Known your way, above and below Known for instance the difference Between living and existing With an ancient sight you perceived Those indiscernible to the naked eyes And this world has no feelings Your ancient heart has not absorbed The pain and hope and sheer ecstasy Of many lifetimes create … More Old Souls