Nose Dive

Sometimes, the very thing that we have always wanted scares us the most. It’s one of the many ironies of life. Maybe, it’s because it really matters. We invested a lot of feelings and expectations into it that the very thought of grabbing the chance to finally have it in our hands fills us with … More Nose Dive

Grazie, Marlyn!

  I’ve always let the opportunity to grab blog nominations pass me by because I’m too busy. I guess, life is too eventful these past few months. I hope it is not too late yet to accept this wonderful surprise from Ate Marlyn. I find her inspiring blog unique and it is always a pleasant … More Grazie, Marlyn!


  Did you have it all wrong? Did you know he’ll come along? Did you sing a rebel song? Did you know where you belong? Is it love you’re looking for? Is it a way out of the door? Did you get something less when you want more?   Note: And I really don’t know … More Half-Baked

When is Criticism Bad?

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” ― Bob Dylan Out of boredom, I suddenly turn to reading book summaries and reviews from a particular site. I was astonished to find so many ratings and reviews from avid book readers, and I observed how they vary from opinions to preferences. What I can’t understand, though, is the … More When is Criticism Bad?

Something to Ponder

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. – Henry David Thoreau. Life is a deep well of mysteries that are yet to be solved and a bottomless pit of discoveries waiting to be found. Some people stumble upon the many intricacies of finding the answers to a whirlpool of … More Something to Ponder


You are alone, too far apart from the rest of the world to be bothered, shrouded from too many prying eyes, protected from too many nagging voices. You are tired, too tired to even lift a finger and brush the wayward strand of your hair that the wind playfully tease from behind your ear. You … More IMPRISONED