The Blame Game

I don’t know if this is part of a bad day, or I’m having my ocassional moodswings. But I have this boiling anger inside. I’m seething. I’m frustrated. I’m sad. Yes, I’m sad. But not because of the usual reasons you might think. I’ve been scrolling down my facebook newsfeed and I came across numerous … More The Blame Game

I’m Back!

It’s been a while. So how are you? I did not get to update this blog for so long because for the nth time, I got caught up with life. When I say life, I meant books, football and my new obsession, a Korean variety show called The Return of Superman. Just look at these … More I’m Back!

Beyond Death

It is no secret that with life comes death, a tangled truth one cannot escape. Most fear the latter. Many take the former for granted. To tackle its mysteries, men have created theories of how we came to be in this world. They also attempt to explain what happens when we are no longer here, … More Beyond Death