You plan to fill empty spaces With stories crawling out of your soul They are damned but beautiful, and wildly defiant Pouring out in torrents they claim territories Inch by little inch, they grow out of obscurity They paint vignettes of abandoned dreams Dashed hopes and trampled yearnings Lost love and tragic endings A past … More Immortalized


I pursue happiness like a moon trailing the sun as it sinks and rises to the other side of the earth, desperately, hopelessly. I catch a glimpse, now and then, of its blinding light from afar. But its warmth slips past my fingertips before I can even realise what it means to escape from the … More Luna


When the past feels out of touch And now is filled with lies When the pain is too much And the tears scald her eyes She thinks of velvet skies Where the moon gleams brightest Among thousands of dazzling stars And she knows that her chest Heartbreak viciously carved Will one day stop hurting And … More Transitory

A Plea

Lead me to the cavern of your mind I want to get lost in your world I don’t care if it is dark or jaded I don’t care if there is no way out I only want to know what makes you tick To unravel the thoughts in your head And make a necklace out … More A Plea


The thread holding the realm together Is the devil we want to go And the angel we sing about Are the ones chopping heads, eating hearts For in this la-la land where we reside Black becomes white Wrong becomes right And whoever says otherwise Will be drowned by outright lies

Two Worlds

I live in two worlds One is as warm As a balmy summer The other is cold Like a winter’s breath Where there is sun I can see the infinite field Of jade and amber And to my ears they whisper A song of joy and laughter In the narrow road Where darkness reign My … More Two Worlds


She’s a fragile little thing And the men flock around To catch her if she falls They hold her like a glass That might break anytime But they never see the claws The wicked smile on her lips The glint of fury in her eyes They never know she removes Her innocent mask at night … More Disguise