The Irony

  Here we go again, sitting side by side and watching the world go by. There’s nothing but silence between us. Strangely though, I feel comfortable. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. You have that playful smile in your lips. I love the way the gentle breeze make your hair dance, and … More The Irony

Unfortunate Soul

He was once a man who had it all He held the world in his hand, he stood mighty and tall He never ceased to climb his way up And his overwhelming dream to reach the very top Consumed his soul, burned his heart Gripped with greed that tore his life apart, He shed a … More Unfortunate Soul


A man’s imagination has no limit. Often, we conjure fantasies in our heads that take us nowhere. But it brings immense relief from the pains of life, because even for just a while, we managed to escape reality. I have always been an imaginative child. I make up stories in my head. I was often … More Illusions

Remember Me

When the pain is too much And you have to hide it behind a smile When you attempt to laugh And you have to choke back a sob When you need to act tough But you’re dying inside Don’t give up, don’t despair Just look up at the sky And remember me by and by

Bad Hair Days

  There are times when I’m just too much of an anti-social. I wanted to be left alone. Talking to anyone feels like a great effort on my part, and I did not even notice that I’m back to my serious self. I guess I just miss some people in my life…like my sister and … More Bad Hair Days

Who Are You?

When you’re too caught up with your daily existence, you tend to lose the person you really are. When you’re too busy looking at the bigger picture, you forget the little details that really matter. Did you ever wonder if the reflection you see in the mirror is the same person that you know? Sometimes, … More Who Are You?

Purposeless Amble

  All my life, I trudge in every road without expecting where it would lead me. Sometimes, almost recklessly, I make decisions out of impulse. I don’t always do what people expect me to, unless I want it in the first place. I believe that everybody has a choice. So, if they happen to stumble … More Purposeless Amble

Chasing Dreams

It’s amusing how our dreams change throughout the course of time. I can still clearly remember when a five year old me told my mother how I wanted to be a nun someday. She laughed at me and said, “I bet you’ll change your mind in a few years.” Well, she’s right. It did not … More Chasing Dreams