How Some Love Go

She waltzed into his life

All glimmer and subtlety

Too beguiling it hurt

He claimed it was the smile

So, he married the whole girl

At first it was pure joy

He brought her coffee in bed

She baked his favourite cake

They read poems to each other

Of long walks down the beach

Kissing under the star

Deep talks late at night

But maybe people really do get tired

One day when they sat for breakfast

There were no more tender gazes

And secret smiles that lit up the room

The silence hung heavy in the air

And between them was a gulf

Of words left unsaid

But theirs was a subdued falling out

She no longer smiled, he lost interest

As the sky turned from crimson to mauve

The quiet promise of forever

Burning with intensity in the beginning

And they let it, mourning while the cold

Seeps through their brittle bones


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