Hello, It’s Been a While

Hey, I’m back.

It’s been a while. Was it a year ago since I last posted in this space? Maybe you’re wondering where I went to or what I was up to.

As for the first question, I’m still stuck in the same city where I was eight years ago. Sometimes I suspect I’ve taken root and won’t be able to move anywhere else. And that’s from someone who once claimed she can never be tied down in one place unless she wills it. Oh, the times I’ve contemplated about running away, moving into a foreign city where no one can recognize me. To live a life in complete anonymity. Wouldn’t it be grand? It’s one of my wildest dreams in this life, next to my ultimate goal of being a hermit.

But you know that what we want and what we do can’t always go hand in hand. So, here I am still trying to go through the day-to-day mundanity in the same old city which I came to love and hate in equal measure.

As for the second question, ah there’s so much that changed in the past year. I don’t even know where to begin. I think it all started when our boss decided to move us out of the outsourcing firm where we used to work at and provided a better office at the heart of the city’s business district. It was a welcome change that we would always be grateful for.

Our present workplace is situated on the 15th floor of one of the newer buildings in the hub. All three of us enjoy a comfortable cubicle overlooking the city scape with floor to ceiling glass windows and plenty of sunshine. What a contrast to the old dingy building without a glimpse of natural light that we used to call our office.

The little changes came marching on. First, it was the added responsibilities at work. Then it was the need to move to a new apartment. Everything became a blur after that. I was buried with work from my full-time job and more work from my freelance clients. I also lost a few loved ones. And, perhaps, the most painful of all, I had to mourn the death of our beloved dogs back at home. Galaxy and Sirius bade us goodbye last July. The wound was still too fresh but I’ve come to live with it. On a more hopeful note, my sister and I also adopted a stray mama cat and her only kitten. We named them Cleopatra and Kibby (from the name of one of my most favourite humans).

With all those happenings, I almost forgot I had this comforting virtual space. Forgive me for my lapses.

But I’m also pleased to have taken a step back from this sphere and simply enjoyed the daily motions of life. I discovered so much about myself. I remembered old loves (not the romantic kind, mind) and welcomed new friends in my ever-expanding circle. Ah, it was such a delightful, crazy ride. I hope it would remain so in the next few years.

Shall I say it’s good to be back though? I miss writing. Anyway, I can’t wait to catch up on your lives and see how you’re all doing. I hope life is treating you well despite the extraordinary times we’re currently facing.


8 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Been a While

    1. Hi, Kaye! It’s so great to hear from you. Happy to be back in the blogosphere. And thank you. I’m hoping they’re happily enjoying dog heaven now.

      Keep safe always! 💙

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