So Long, Mary Oliver

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I was scrolling through my IG feed when I stumbled upon a post thanking Mary Oliver. My heart broke a little when I read on and discovered that she died on January 17. Her poems are a balm to the soul.

This gem of a poem will always resonate with me so much.

Mysteries, Yes

by Mary Oliver

Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous
       to be understood.
How grass can be nourishing in the
      mouths of the lambs.
How rivers and stones are forever
      in allegiance with gravity
      while we ourselves dream of rising.
How two hands touch and the bonds will
      never be broken.
How two people come, from delight or the
      scars of damage,
to the comfort of a poem.

Let me keep my distance, always, from those
who think they have the answers.

Let me keep company always with those who say
      “Look!” and laugh in astonishment,
       and bow their heads.
Thank you for the wonder and the magic, Mary Oliver. You will be missed but your poems will live on.

5 thoughts on “So Long, Mary Oliver

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, an introducing to me one of the great contemporary poetesses. In the following words, she seemed to have written parts of her own obituary: “When it’s over,” she says, “I want to say: all my life / I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.” (“When Death Comes” from New and Selected Poems (1992).


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