Between Now and Distant Memory

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I have a peculiar way of defining freedom
It is more than casting invisible chains off
Or retreating to my reclusive realm
It is not losing myself in solitude either
For at the first hint of silence I long for noise
Blaring of horns, duel of words, ringing laughter
Nor is it the soft call of adventure
As if I can find myself behind the morning fog
Or under water when I can’t even swim
It is not the wind billowing out of my window
Or on some days, the sunshine inviting me for a walk
It is not getting out of the fortress or tearing down
Walls I created myself, out of necessity or desperation
Or both. It could be both. Needs and wants
Intertwined like two rivers at a confluence
And all I wanted is to be somewhere in the middle
Where I exist, but do not live
Where I can see but remain unseen
Where I am both remembered and forgotten
In that place, between now and distant memory,
I can be myself, finally.


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