A Sojourn in Madness

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One morning I run away
I’ve had enough
Of waiting for things to fall into place
They almost never do
And when they do it is too late
I already cursed the tricks of fate

I leave them all
My worries, fears, and doubts
I cast away
My faith, hopes, and dreams
I only bring the clothes on my back
And the first letter of your name

The journey is dark and long
And sadder than our song
The cold is merciless
It seeps to my bones
I wish I can go back to the light
I wish I did not take this flight

But the look in your eyes
They haunt me still
The finality in your gaze
Was more certain
Than the words you said
And those left unsaid

So I trudge on and on
Until I find a soft spot to sleep
A carpet of grass, a canopy of stars
I suddenly forget how to weep
Instead I watch the dancing fireflies
They are more beautiful than your lies

24 thoughts on “A Sojourn in Madness

  1. Holy crap, Mitch, that is amazing. It had me spellbound from beginning to end. I actually pictured that all happening in my head like I was watching a movie. ❀ Loved it!!! =) Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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    1. Your wonderful words humble me, Susan. I’m glad it gave you a vivid image. Many thanks. ❀️

      Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


  2. The poem is so lyrical and conveys the message of an inner storm, the vicissitudes of consciousness in an angustal dilemma. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. You are very welcome, Jalal. I have missed a lot because I was absent from the blogging world lately. I hope you are doing well. Have a lovely weekend too. ❀️


  3. This sums up the situation so well the way we get trapped in our daily conundrum.

    We want to break free and escape from the clutches of gripping problems that come at us with such rapid pace we have little time to understand and respond, we react and we falter. We want to run away from the real world and get into the magical world where every thing is in order and happens the way we have imagined.

    We want to leave behind the fear, the doubts, the pains and grab those beautiful moments of beauty, the hope, the happiness and joy of living our life the way we want to live…we want that space for us and that place where we have our thoughts that is not cluttered and the mind that is without fear and the nature that is close to us is there in it’s totality and we are there to hold to the beauty and bounty of nature…we want to go back to the light and go away from the dark, yes, we wish we didn’t take that flight which turned out to be a wrong one and we have landed in the most uninhibited place.

    We want that piece of peace and the soft spot where we have nobody to disturb us…

    Thanks Mitch for sharing such a lovely piece of poem.

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