A Plea

Lead me to the cavern of your mind

I want to get lost in your world

I don’t care if it is dark or jaded

I don’t care if there is no way out

I only want to know what makes you tick

To unravel the thoughts in your head

And make a necklace out of them

I like to know what madness you hide

And discover what color your soul is dyed

11 thoughts on “A Plea

  1. Really beautiful and love this, but was curious about the last line. The mind doesn’t give insight into the soul, and the two are separate wouldn’t you agree. The soul is independent of the mind, and the mind is just the ego’s attachment to forms opposed to the soul which is formless and amorphous. Or did you think by discovering all the madness of someone it gives you insight into who they are, by finding and appreciating what they are not?

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    1. I just realized it now, but I actually got the idea from the sayings of Heraclitus and Marcus Aurelius. The latter’s goes this way: “The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.”

      Thank you for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Yes Mitch we all want get inside the mystery of mind and find out what really happens there and what mind does all day long and where is the soul when we do the soul searching, as we have no clue where is the soul inside our body.

    It is the mind that keep us busy in doing something and then we complaint about things not happening the way we wanted it to be in our life, it is mind that guides us and we then get wrongly caught in the mind game and we get flummoxed in the process of our daily grind and end up thinking so many things and doing nothing…getting miserably lost in the real world is not good but getting lost in the world of mind and trying to find out what happens and if we solve that mystery and then where is problem.

    The biggest problem that we face is how to handle those thoughts that keep coming at us and what do we do with it when it rattles us with some questions for which we have no answer…lovely piece of thought for deep reflection and profound learning.

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    1. Our thoughts indeed give color to our soul. The mind is a powerful thing. Knowing its depths is not easy, but we can try. It can make us unhappy. It can make us motivated. When we use it well, it will reward us with something incredible. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, Nihar. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes the connection between our thought, the mind and the soul is such intriguing one, the more we think the more we realize how little we know about us and what can turn us down and what can lift us…
        Have a lovely Sunday!!!

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