Two Worlds

I live in two worlds
One is as warm
As a balmy summer
The other is cold
Like a winter’s breath

Where there is sun
I can see the infinite field
Of jade and amber
And to my ears they whisper
A song of joy and laughter

In the narrow road
Where darkness reign
My steps have slowed
As I try to reclaim
The fading warmth of a flame

I live in two worlds
And I long to make them one
For fire and ice to meet halfway
For moon to kiss the golden sun
Oh, one less soul in disarray

Note: I was horrified this morning to find this post empty of its content. I don’t know what happened. Good thing I still keep copies of my poems in an old notebook. I have to retype them now and republish. 


8 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. This is amazing! Compassion and understanding of ourselves when we shift between consciousness and the ego, how we live in different worlds and perceive the world from different lenses, although we’re the director between the two. You’re brilliant!

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