The Story of Us

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The words escape yet again
Strange, they are within my grasp
I feel them churning under my skin
Wanting to crawl out into the sun
I long to take a knife and carve an opening
Let them flow like water into an ink bottle
So that when the time is ripe for reckoning
I will discover what kind of madness
Will crimson ink reveal in scented papers
But even my courage leaves me
It flees with the words into nothingness
Maybe they never existed in the first place
Just like the story of you and me


17 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. This one is really rather sad story line with an interesting twist for me.
    When you write :”Will crimson ink reveal in scented papers
    But even my courage leaves me ”
    I read it first as “I will take a long knife . . .” but the ink does *not reveal* anything.
    And also,
    I read it as you will *not* take a long knife so the madness stays hidden.
    The way it is phrased, it makes me want to reread it
    and ponder the predicament.
    Nice work.

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  2. I really love how you started the poem with “The words escape yet again.” I constantly think about how our feelings towards our significant others can get suppressed and how love grows within us whether we share that with the other person. How fantasies play out in our sub-consciousnesses day-to-day and how so much of our lives are full of things that never actually happen. Really beautiful poem, I loved it.

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    1. The curse of love. Capable of bringing us utmost joy but just as much suffering. It’s frustrating, right? The thought of all the things we create inside our heads that will never make their way in real life. But that’s why we write. It makes it easier to cope with the halftones of existence. Thank you for reading and the appreciation! ❀️

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