Tell Me How You See the Universe

If you look at the sky,

Do you see it as a canopy

That limits your horizon?

Or an infinite dimension,

A world beyond,

Waiting to be explored?


28 thoughts on “Tell Me How You See the Universe

    1. It’s wonderful how our perspectives change from time to time. I also try to see it as the latter, and it’s not hard especially when it is the star-strewn sky I’m looking at. Thank you, Susan. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  1. Every time I look up in the sky, it leaves me in wonder. And in question. Is it the reality. We canbe just alone in the whole universe. There must be life somewhere out there. And one day we will meet them.

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  2. When I used to see I thought it is a powerful force…..
    Then when I had no control or gain I thought all is illusion
    Now when I see in me and see the outside I see nothing to be explored outside because the day I know my potential I know I am the Universe myself


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