Drunken Stupor

I know not how to be happy

Like a madman who comes
Shouting down the street

Telling the world
The echoes of his heart

I only know how to get drunk

On coffee every morning
On poetry on good days

On thoughts of you sometimes
When I’m visited by amnesia

And forget that I was supposed to forget you

31 thoughts on “Drunken Stupor

  1. This is circular. We return unto those things which created difficulties for us, human nature. I say this because it starts out with the admission, then demonstration, then the exemplifying culmination. I love it, thank you.


  2. the life are that, no one can forward to the visible.
    we.. what we are
    mistakes and corrects
    but we see
    how can we be possible
    at angles are posted as
    so we are living
    dealing with life.


  3. There’s a great old story about the Tadger (half Tiger half Badger) – who is mischief incarnate. You aren’t supposed to see him ever for he is a mystical creature. However, if you see him once, you’ll forget. But if you see him twice, you’ll forget to forget which is quite bad.
    This reminded me of that story for some reason. Thank you!

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