Dreams and Funerals

Do you ever have those times when you cannot write but you have to? This is one of those. We were supposed to create a spoken word poetry. But since I’m just not comfortable performing anything in any medium, I have to resort to this. So here goes that spoken word poetry that you can only read. I’m not even sure if I got this right.

Dreams and Funerals

Sometimes I gaze at the patterns in the sky and ask,
‘Is this how dreams are made?’
Maybe like the stars, dreams also come from a cloud of gas and dust.
They shine brightly at first, dazzling us with their brilliance.
But just as every beginning has an ending,
their vivid flame wane, burning slowly into weak embers.
Eventually, like all stars, their shrunken remains give way
into an explosive death, creating black holes.

You were that dream – a cross between wonder and magic,
born out of chaos and madness.
You were so bright I had to cover my eyes not to go blind.
Your glow led my way to you.
It was bliss. It was nostalgia.
I whispered my secrets through the quiet night and you listened
They reverberated from the past where they used to haunt my sleep
They made peace and kissed me goodbye
And all those times you were the fire that thawed the frost in my blood
But what they say about flames that burn twice as bright burn half as long rang true

I could not save you from your eventual demise
I could not save you even if I wanted to
Not even had I given up my sunny world to live in perpetual winter
So I watched you consume your cosmic fuel supply
Watched you still as your light wavered, dimmed until it went out of your eyes

You were that dream turned into a remnant of a glorious past –
once so beautiful and grand, now a mere memory.
And I? I am now following funerals instead of catching dreams.

I don’t know if the above makes sense. Will fix it once I get my brain back. It’s currently hibernating.

P.S. I know I’ve been very inactive around here for many weeks. Apologies for all the posts I haven’t read. I will catch up on you guys soonest. For now, I’m saying a quick hello and goodbye.

26 thoughts on “Dreams and Funerals

  1. Very profound. Is this about someone for real?
    For me, it is: We lost my nephew from a rare, aggressive infection last summer. He was 23.
    Thanks for capturing the feeling of such a loss.


    1. I wrote it without someone particular in mind. The idea took root from the first two lines. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m sorry about your nephew. We’re of the same age. It is heartwrenching to lose a loved one. I have a little cousin who dies last August. It was devastating. And I’m glad you can relate to this. Writing is one way of easing the heaviness in our hearts. Hoping all the best to you and your family. โค

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  2. Short, but deeply felt. Just wow. I think I get your comment now on how mine was a bit on the long end. It was also a bit thin in terms of emotional intensity. Yours really sounds like it came from somewhere. Hopefully, someplace not as dark as your words would seem to indicate. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Indeed dream is wonderful cross between wonder and magic, and yes it is born out of chaos and madness…lovely analogy, the stars and the dreams. When you look at the clear sky in the night and start appreciating the dazzling stars and the depth that is unfathomable…it is exciting and it is inspiring to be able to connect with the vastness of the universe in small corner of mother earth, it cannot be anything less than magical wonder.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely spoken word poetry.

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  4. La verdad, no es absoluta a nuestros sentidos ni percepciones, pero una luz refulgente tiene que volver al oscuro ojo negro del abismo para que al otro lado de la oscuridad, vuelva a brillar de nuevo.

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