Another Untitled Entry

It’s been a while. I haven’t kept in touch with the people in blogosphere because I have to recharge. I’m running out of energy. I will check the tons of posts I’ve missed some time this week. For now, here’s a very late entry for our monthly challenge.

Sorry, Karenina and Joval!

Langga: A Hiligaynon Poem

Kmusta ka, langga?
Mabatian mo pa bala ang akon tingog
Kung diin ka man subong?

Indi ko na masyado madumduman
Ang korte sang imo nawong
Ang kurba sang imo yuhom
Ang mga mata mo nga matahum

San-o pa ayhan kita liwat makakitaay?
Matilawan ko pa ayhan ang kalipay kaangay sang-una?
Halin sang imo gintabok ang pihak nga kalibutan
Puro na lang kasubo ang akon nabatyagan

Nahidlaw na ako sa imo, langga
Pero hulat lang dira
Lapit na lang magtunod ang akon adlaw

English Translation

How are you, love?
Can you hear my voice
Wherever you are now?

I cannot really remember
The shape of your face
The curve of your smile
Your beautiful eyes

When are we going to meet again?
Will I ever taste the happiness I once had?
Since you crossed the other side of the world
All I ever know is sadness

I miss you, love
But just wait there
My sun will set soon

Note: I realized how difficult it is to write using my native tongue. It must be the influence of different dialects I know. My hometown’s dialect is Kinaray-a. But Hiligaynon is used in the other parts of the province, including the capital city. We use Filipino at school. And I read a lot of English literature. I got them all mixed up and it is almost impossible to use one purely. But I tried. I suck at translations though. It was a rough one.

30 thoughts on “Another Untitled Entry

      1. Mine too… and I also work and reside here for the last 4 years now… i’m loving it here… maybe we will run into each other sometime… πŸ™‚


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