42 thoughts on “Prisoners

    1. There might be. Or maybe it has happened already. I think the scariest demons that one has to face are those within themselves. But we deal with it in different ways. Some inflict harm to themselves. Some turn to other people. I don’t know which is worse.

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      1. it all worse – as poets we are witness to all that humans feel – how can it be otherwise? and we suffer, oh dear sweet God how we suffer. . . but, as i know you have already figured out, we are cursed with the knack for twisting beauty out of darkness – you are a young dragon as yet and this will be second nature to you soon – continue in your learning young one


      2. “We are cursed with the knack of twisting beauty out of darkness.” This perfectly sums it up. We find poetry in suffering. Thank you, Chyfrin. I have a lot to learn. πŸ™‚

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      1. Your wish has come true. You now write just as good & sometimes even better than great sufi master Hafiz. Congratulations @ have a happy new year!

        Yours truly
        your genie


      2. Wow. I absolutely love this comment. I will continue writing and get even better at it. Thank you, Rawclyde. May you have a great 2016. πŸ™‚


  1. We humans create prisons for ourselves. And because we have created those walls around us, we are the only ones who can set ourselves free. But setting ourselves free is extremely difficult. Amazing poem!!


  2. “But I dare you to see
    a free man suffer”

    I see them everyday. And the knowledge of it torments and imprisons me also, as well as my own personal demons. But what I’ve learnt is, freedom is just a picture you see outside the bars of your prison (it’s always greener on the other side) and when you open the gates you step into another prison. I don’t believe in external freedom anymore, I think freedom is ironically confined to within. To find freedom, you must first learn to feel free despite the bars. Easier said than done.

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    1. “Freedom is just a picture you see outside the bars of your prison.” I can’t say it better. Indeed, real freedom lies inside each of us. Thank you for sharing your insights! πŸ™‚


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