A Vignette: Break my Heart

imageI want you
to break my heart
So I can turn
the agony
into poetry


33 thoughts on “A Vignette: Break my Heart

      1. If you could have asked
        Is it raining
        in some future place
        Or will I suffer
        the slings and arrows . . .
        And got your answer

        If you could lift your hands
        Against the Sea
        Turning back the tide
        turning back time

        If you could
        Spin the sky backward
        rearranging the clouds
        Without a second thought

        If you knew a guy
        Who could remove this tattoo
        Wipe away this memory

        Would you?


  1. Well, this is a good way to see life. You´re slogan or blog title should actually be “Bring me misery and I´ll bring you poetry!!!” 😉
    Nice little poem, glad you stumbled upon one of my crazy little post


    1. Haha. You gave me an idea. I might change it one day, when my cynical self gets the better of my idealist self. You’re very much welcome. Thanks for dropping by yourself. And keep writing! 🙂


      1. Your cynical self and then your idealistic self…..that actually makes a good combination for a writer. I´ll be dropping by when time permits and be doing what I have famously coined “my cool stalker moves”. And I shall keep writing as much as I can when I can.


      2. This gave me a laugh – “my cool stalker moves.” Haha. You should. It will help your grow as a writer. I look forward to read more pf your works. 🙂


      3. Thank´s to my stalker moves here in wordpress I got into writing poetry, if you can call what i write poetry that is. But I have fun doing it. And I do call wordpress “my free online university”, Since I don´t have much time to study the art of writing, I use wordpress as my little study tool. Hopefully one day I´ll get more time to immerse myself into more of the creative writing world and studies, but for now, it´s wordpress my school. Meaning reading you also, you are all sort of my teachers. And I don´t have to pay you! 😉


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