The Obstinate Moth

I wish I listened
to you, Nana
When you warned me
not to come closer
to the flame

But its warmth
is too tempting
And its blaze
is too dazzling

It beckoned me
to the circle of fire
So I waltzed straight
into its very heart

You may think of me sometimes
when you’re alone and lonely
But don’t worry, Nana
You may not mourn the remains
of my foolish rebellion


15 thoughts on “The Obstinate Moth

    1. That’s another way of looking at it. Interesting view. I don’t know what’s with war that makes men seek their own peril. And more often than not, wars are fought by the very young.

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      1. Because men at that age have still not become disillusioned. They still believe in the concepts likes morals and code of conduct. The desire to etch a name in history, is what drives many. But if we hear the stories of the veterans, nothing good comes out of war -neither the results nor the survivors. War is like the candle you wrote about, it is to many, a chance to become someone we are not, sadly war makes us less of who we are. Phew.. Sorry for the lengthy prose 🙂


      2. Profound thoughts. Thank you for sharing. That’s what I realized too. They find glory in war. But at least, they bravely fight their enemies face to face, unlike the modern warfare. There’s nothing good that comes out of war. The veterans get out of it – jaded, disillusioned, missing limbs and the will to leave. “War makes us less of who we are.” I could not say this any better. 🙂

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