I never told them
But I find solace in the dark
A kiss of eternity
Never knowing
If it’s morning or night
Never knowing
If I live or dream
Time tick on
While I lie and stare
At the canopy of despair
I can hear voices
But they are echoes
Of yesterday’s paradise
Gone. Almost forgotten.
At times they creep up to me
And they whisper their disappointment
“How can you not remember?”
I never answer
My silence is enough
To let them know
What I cannot say


22 thoughts on “Charade

  1. Nice writing–I can appreciate the whole dream-spinner castles in the air mode of living. Congrats on 3rd anniversary of your blog! I’m on my 4th anniversary–but have had at least 25 blogs…. Thanks for visiting my current one 🙂


      1. That number is a mere guess–and I certainly don’t take much pride in it, as it reflects my unstable personality–but we do what we can, and I’m most grateful for WP’s free blogs. Whereas some women buy shoes, I simply decorate a new blog! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!


      2. It allows me the fantasy that I am far richer (financially than I am)! In my opinion, a wealth of imagination will always be more valuable than money–which seems to cause people much grief. Thanks for chatting!


      3. That is so true. I couldn’t agree more. I’m doing that a lot – daydreaming and all that. I wouldn’t swap my imagination for anything in the world. The pleasure is mine. I enjoy talking to you. 🙂


      4. My Faith and my imagination are what keep me alive…and sane, most days 🙂 We are blessed who can soar far away from the disappointments in the real world–our minds can be many countries, many lives, and full of love.


      5. Yes! Once again, it costs us not a dime! By the way, you’re a lovely young woman–and your name is so interesting. A long time ago, I was young–a dark-haired beauty too; but surprisingly, I don’t miss the loss of that time–I have more “substance” within now, a fair trade for youthful beauty. You may be fortunate to have both, as time passes 🙂


      6. Aw, thank you. Yes, we are not supposed to mourn the passing of time. Youth may fade but the wisdom we gain as we grow old is priceless. May you always have that substance within you. Age is compulsory, but we can always choose to age with grace. 🙂


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