Three Years and Counting

Words are powerful. They can be sharp too. Sometimes, even sharper than swords. The old often tells the young and the foolish to be careful with what they say. A slap can sting. A stab can wound. The wounds inflicted by vicious tongues may leave no visible mark, but they can cut just as deeply and hurt just as intensely. Words, once uttered, can never be taken back.

They can ruin a man. They can destroy lives.

But words that are said with sincerity, without the intention to hurt, are truly wonderful. We should practice the freedom to say what we have in mind with responsibility.

For us who are not too comfortable with speaking, we make use of the pen to communicate our thoughts. It has brought me to this – blogging. As someone who thinks too much, an outlet to pour out my excess thoughts is mandatory. Before the advent of wordpress, I simply write them down to anything I can get my hands on.

I scribble on scraps of paper. I doodle on my grade school armchairs, that is until I got an earful from my teacher. I scrawled hurried ideas into notepads. I have made use of dozens of notebooks. I have typed insistent musings at 3 am on my phone. And I blog.

The latter took a lot of nerve. I’m not really into letting people get inside my head. I usually post things that happened a long time ago. But sometimes, I share a chosen few within days.

We probably write for a million reasons. I do it because it helps clean my mind. Otherwise I won’t be able to think straight. I write to reflect about myself. About life. About sadness. About dreams. About musings. I write to validate a memory. I write to immortalize fleeting moments. I write to remember. I write hoping to inspire others who trudge down the same path as mine.

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog. And would you believe it, this obscure corner in the internet has become more than an outlet to showcase my ponderings and rants and crappy writings. It has became a vehicle to let me travel the world without having to leave my seat. It has given me the chance to meet wonderful people, people from different cultures, of different religions and beliefs. Through them, I learned a great deal about life. I took insights from their experiences. I was entertained by their brilliant minds. I was touched by their passion and intensity. I get to appreciate ordinary people from all walks of life. I found many stories that reinforce my faith in humanity.

This blog is a lot more than about writing, posting and sharing. I look forward to the snippets of life that I can read from fellow bloggers.

It has been an amazing journey. I hope it will remain so for many years to come.

And WordPress, I enjoy flying with you! Cheers!

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