The Pursuit

You have heard it all
Hearts singing in joy
Souls fluttering like wings
Anguished cry of a boy
Soft lullabies of spring

You have seen it all
Spirits breaking apart
Hopes dashed to the ground
Love thriving from the start
Greed that knows no bound

You have sampled it all
A taste of salty air
A drop of morning dew
Eternity in a pear
Poisoned apple you chew

And who would have thought
that through it all
the things you have sought,
either big or small,
only heaven can forge.


8 thoughts on “The Pursuit

  1. Life’s pursuit…love, hope, need and greed, defines the different facets of life and living, all these counts in the formation of life and makes the journey at times exciting and many times challenging, everything we do in life has something to do with these facets of life. Though there is the need, we fall in the trap of greed. Though there is love, when we fall out and dejected, there is hope in life that brings us on track.
    When in bliss, our heart sings in joy and the souls flutters it’s wings to fly…things big or small, heaven indeed can forge…
    Beautifully written, very profound thoughts!!!


    1. And you always have the most profound thoughts, even in a comment. Indeed, Nihar. The road is not paved in silk all the time. We make do with what we have. Thank you for the insightful feedback, as always. 😃

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      1. Life is indeed full of fascination and so much of mystery, the more we explore, the more we unravel the mystery and enjoy the different shades and facets of life’s journey…
        You keep writing such fascinating thoughts, and it is always a pleasure reading and cherishing every bit of the wonderful thoughts…


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