You Will Always Be in our Hearts

We don’t know if it was God’s design. Or maybe fate was up to her old tricks. But either way, it doesn’t make it any less painful.

It was cruel that you have to succumb to eternal sleep. Your eyes closed. Your heart ceased beating. It’s too early. Too early to say goodbye. But who are we to question the ways of the universe? It is inevitable. We only wish we were given more time with you.

We could ask for one more day. One more year. And if possible, one more lifetime with you.

This is the darkest episode of our lives, and we don’t know if it will ever pass. Maybe it will get better in time. One day, we might even learn to let go.

But for now we want to grieve, to wallow in pain. Isn’t twelve too young to depart this earth?

We don’t think it is possible to forget you. Every corner of our home will have something to remind us of you.

You are a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew, a friend – and you will always remain as those to us. Thank you for gracing our lives with your presence, with your laughter and your smile. Twelve years is not enough. We will gladly give anything to have you with us a little longer.

Wherever you are, please know that you will always be in our hearts. You will live on in our memories. We will cherish every moment we had of you and we will keep it burning as long as we live.

You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. We love you, always. And we will miss you, everyday.

Time has ceased
But cherished memories still linger
That is the way of life and all things
We shall meet again
You are only sleeping

Jose N. Harris, Mi Vida


6 thoughts on “You Will Always Be in our Hearts

  1. Mitch, I am extremely sorry to hear the news. Let the soul rest in peace. Almighty give all the courage and strength to you to face this phase of the life, life has its periods of pain and sorrow. We all go though this phase and we don’t know how to react and response to such situations in life. We are there. It will pass.
    God bless the angel…


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Hope that little guys is happy, wherever he is. 12 years is too young. Sometimes life is so damn unfair!
    I too lost a cousin recently. Even I wrote a post similar to this one. My cousin, she took her own life away. She was 18.


    1. That’s what stings the most – the realization that he is too young to pass away. He has so much to live. I am sorry about your cousin. It must be devastating. I couldn’t imagine what demons she went through that she chose to end her own life. I feel for her. Death is inevitable. But it is always more painful for us who are left behind. I hope everything will get better for you too. ❤

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