Casper, The Friendly Dog

This is not Casper. I found out I did not have a single photo of him.

He became a part of our home when I was in grade five. That was twelve years ago. My mom took him in exchange of a fat hen.

He was black all over with only a speck of white on his tail. And I called him Casper – after the very first puppy I had in this life which died in the morning after a storm.

Casper was one of those things that made up my childhood. He used to follow me everywhere, especially when I walk down the river bank. My sister and I ran many miles to make him chase after us. Exhausted, we’d plop down on the carpet of grass while watching Casper cross the stream. It was bliss.

Today, my sister called me up to tell me she’s going to pick up a cute puppy from  her friend this week. I joked that it might speed up Casper’s death since he was not well these past few months.

“Casper already died. Tatay buried him yesterday.”

I lost words for a moment. I expected it but it still stings. I’ve watched three of our dogs passed away. But Casper had been resilient. He lost one of his eyes when he fought with a neighbor’s cat. He was almost killed when a truck hit him. But still he held on for many more years. He lost all of his teeth and shrank in size because he can no longer eat.

And  now he went on to whatever journey is in store for good friends like him. I will miss how he welcomes me home with his bark and his wagging tail. 

I hope he had a happy life. It will be a long time before I can name another dog Casper.

5 thoughts on “Casper, The Friendly Dog

  1. I know it’s been already 2 months since your dog passed away but I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I lost a german shorthaired-pointer that has been with him for 17 years about a year ago and it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. They say time heals all wounds but the scar will always be there. The only way to help ease the pain is to get a new pup which your sister already did. Dogs are unique in their own little way. Just like humans, they have different characteristics, some are smart and some are not so but your new pup will be just as good as Casper was I’m sure. 🙂


    1. Aw. Thank you for the comforting words. My sister got her new puppy and it’s the cutests thing ever. My parents dote on him like a baby. I guess he is now the baby of the family. I’m sorry about your loss too. 17 years! Wow. I can just imagine how you felt. My sister and I used to cry over puppies that we have to gibe away and they were only with us for several weeks. I hope it will get better for you and your husband, in time. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂


  2. Aw no problem. and yes, they are really like kids. I’m glad your family is already doing well because of the new puppy. And I agree about the “cutest thing ever.” 😉 For our case, it has gotten better because just a little over a week since our dog died, we got us a new pup. The pain was just too much that the only way we can think of to help us is to get a new one. And I’m so glad we did, because she means the world to us now. She is so loved to the point that she is now very spoiled. It’s not good to spoil a dog, but I can’t help it (can you blame me? 😀 ) Anway, it was nice talking to you. Please give your new pup a kiss for me. 🙂


    1. Oh, that’s good to hear. Haha. No, I don’t blame you. I love dogs as much as I love humans. My parents do the same. Wishing you all the best – you, your husband and the newest addition to your family. I enjoyed talking to you. Have a blessed Sunday. 🙂


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