10 Writers I’d Invite for Tea

You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive. -James Baldwin

If there is one thing in the world that can make me stay in one place, it would be books. I dream of chasing every sunset all my life but I will gladly throw it away if I can have all the books I’d love to read. Someday, I’d like to retire somewhere far. Unreachable by foot and away from society. I’ll build a hermit hole and read the rest of my lifetime away. I won’t be asking for company. But I’ll make an exception if company means my favorite authors.

Yesterday, Karenina and I cooked up a blog topic that we’re both thrilled to do.

Being bookworms, we always seem to talk about books, books and books. And when we talk about books, it is impossible to leave out authors we adore.

What if you will be given a chance to meet your favorite author and get to talk to him/her, who will it be?

I’ve leafed through too many pages of books in the last 15 years of my life that it is quite daunting for me to pick only one favorite author. After some serious negotiation with my head, my heart agreed to list 10.
Here it is – the who and the why:

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JK Rowling

She made me fall in love with magic. I won’t be able to think of my childhood days without remembering Harry Potter. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about. But I only have one pressing question to ask: why did you have to go and kill Sirius Black? It scarred me for life.

Credits to: http://www.rebellesociety.con

Leo Tolstoy

I read Anna Karenina and I was blown away. I want to find out more about Russia, a country I’m starting to fall in love with. And I fall in love even more – not just with its culture amd its history but also the people that inhabit it. Tolstoy weaved his characters so vividly that I experience what they go through and get into their very thoughts. He gave me a rich insight into the multi-layered nature of man. He made me realize that our everyday actions define our character and purpose. His ability to show me the good in everyone made me love him even more. We can talk about the intricacies of life and the complexities of being human.

Credits to: wamc.org

Henry David Thoreau

This man led a very interesting life. A rebel in disguise, he has principles that can never be bent. I admire his stand about slavery and what it means to be a citizen. He is my favorite American. He got me at: “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion.” Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote this about him: he “repudiated all regular modes of getting a living, and seems inclined to lead a sort of Indian life among civilized men.” This is meant as a criticism but it draws me even more to Thoreau.

We won’t run out of topics either. I will grill him about all the vague things I found in Civil Disobedience. And I’m sure he’ll be aghast to discover the state of the world today.

Credits to: http://www.ventanatina.com

Pablo Neruda

A Nobel laureate, Neruda led a very controversial life. He wrote an ode to Stalin. He was a marxist. And he lived a part of his life in exile. His exciting life brought him to the forefront of politics. A diplomat, Neruda was friends with Salvador Allende, the president of Argentina before it succumbed to dictatorship.

His poems are stunning. They can be sensual, erotic, political and even surreal. I wish I can read them in Spanish. We’ll most likely talk about his poems, every single one of them.

Credits to: http://www.biography.com

Charles Dickens

As a writer, I admire everything about Dickens. He made the most remarkable characters in literature. The image of Madam Defarge is forever imprinted on my mind. He idealised his characters. Some of them are caricatures. But I love them all. Even Fagin. And Plovis. But most especially Sydney Carton. So some call his works sentimental. I don’t mind. Bah! Humbug!

Credits to: en.wikipedia.org

George Orwell

I won’t be able to read news articles and its comment section without being reminded of everything Orwellian. Big brother. Double speak. Ministry of Truth. East Asia. Eurasia. 1984 will always be present in today’s world.

When I read, I relish the long-winded passages because they freeze the moments and let me savor every word more. I take a sip and luxuriate at the taste. But Orwell’s writing is bland. I love it all the same. It allows me to gulp it down in one go. I’d definitely ask Orwell what he thinks of the Cold War.

Credits to: http://www.saidadeemergenci.com

Nora Roberts

Nora made me fall in love with romance and Ireland and faeries. I have half of her books. They make up my teenage years. Her novels paint a picture of perfection. They are always a welcome treat whenever I want to escape reality.

Credits to: http://www.abc.net.au

Mitch Albom

I met him once. And I got a hug. He’s absolutely nice. His books bring me back to my college days. If I want to ponder about life and death, they are my go-to read.

Mitch and I can talk about life. And death. Definitely death. We’ll exchange ideas about what we’ll find when we leave this world.

Credits to: crazyyetwise.com

Cecilia Ahern

Why I love her? She’s Irish. She’s Nicky Byrne’s sister-in-law. And she writes the most awesome books. Her works border on the whimsical and poignant. I can’t forget If You Could See Me Now. We’re going to talk about Ireland, magic and imaginary friends.


There’s only one thing I can call Vonnegut – crazy! Crazy and brilliant. Bloody brilliant! Just imagine all the crazy things we can talk about. Dresden. Wars. Ice nine. Karaas. Maybe, he’ll tell me more about Bokonon or where I can find the cat in a cradle.


I just realize that more than half of the writers I’d like to invite for tea are all dead. The past is glorious, indeed.

So, I hope to see them at my hermit hole.


4 o’clock. Don’t be late if you want to join us!

9 thoughts on “10 Writers I’d Invite for Tea

  1. I love the whole idea of your presentation of this post. Yes, it is a dream coming true and turning to reality, the thought of having them all for a tea and asking all the pertinent questions and thoughts that have been keeping us awake after reading their books.

    As writers we all love book but the degree may vary and some of us like you are obsessed and can go crazy without books. I go crazy with books and yes, these great writers have all brought some very fascinating perspective about life, society and philosophy. The characters and places that described have strongly been etched in our mind. But after reading again and again some of these books we are loaded with more questions than answers why the writer portrayed the character the way he/she has done and why the end couldn’t have been other way.

    We as writer and avid readers are inquisitive person by nature and our exploration and expansion comes with our nurturing of that part of the nature. Each of authors as mentioned have touched on different facets of life and I have read few and I can relate them well but have not read the works of Nora, Cecilia to Mitch. I would love hear your list of top books and your review to add to my reading agenda…

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Always great to read your post and learn so much on literature…
    Happy Reading & Happy Writing!!!


    1. We are indeed an inquisitive bunch. And I have experienced, all too often, how it feels like to explore a fictional world, to immerse myself into the life and thoughts of the characters. Books are wonderful in many ways but it is especially wonderful when it gives us the chance to visit places without having to leave our seats and going through the motions of life without being there in the flesh.

      I suggest you read Mitch Albom, especially The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It’s beautiful. Nora and Cecilia cater more on romance and love and the whimsical. They are a perfect breather after reading something heavy.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated. Book review is a splendid idea. I will try to post one next time. Have a great weekend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is indeed fascinating to keep exploring the fictional world and getting to known the unknown facets o characters created by the writers. Yes where else can we have traveled to such wonderful places and known about the cultures and traditions of each such places without moving ourselves lying comfortably on our cushions.

        Yes, I will pick up and go through Mitch Albom book and the title should very interesting. Look forward to your book review which will exciting to read and know.

        I hope you have received my e-book on title “voice of nature”, and would love to hear your views whenever you get time…

        Thanks and you too have a lovely weekend.


      2. Indeed. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did.

        Oh, yes! I was about to thank you for that gift. It sounds great. I’m looking forward to reading it as soon as I can re-install the reader in my phone. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, I am sure I will really enjoy and as I love tangential and new ideas and such different treatment to a theme…with your recommendation I will cherish it.
        Yes, that would be great to hear from you on the book…


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