At night while the world sleeps and the stars wake
I delve deep into the recess of my mind
And I wonder how I can quench and slake
The desires of my insatiable heart
My dreams far and wide, impossible in this life
Bring me nothing but sour tears and heartache
For who will not suffer utmost despair,
If one wishes to bottle perfection?
Where can one find a single spot on earth
Free from filth, sins and corrupted souls?
What man will renounce his gilded throne
To live and breathe among lowly men?
So before the world wakes and the stars sleep
I hide my dreams and in silence, I weep

Credits: science.nationalgeographic.com

Note: These days, I like to immerse in poetry and ponder about things. It’s not surprising that I managed to scrap some words and make my own poems, albeit crappy ones. I guess, I owe most of them from Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Sara Teasdale and John Keats. If I could manage to write something half as beautiful as their works, I’d die a happy man. Maybe it will happen someday. Someday as in the next fifty years. Marami pa akong bigas na kakainin. Haha.

5 thoughts on “Disillusioned

  1. I have somehow missed such wonderful writings in your post. I have just started exploring and I am really enjoying your thoughts and words. Indeed this is a very profound poetry, yes we all try to wake up in the night when the world goes to sleep, perhaps in our attempt to sleep we try to see the dream an chase for these elusive desires of life and yes you are right when we jump into perfection, we miss out many things in life.
    Wonderful poem… 😀


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