I’m Back!

It’s been a while. So how are you?

I did not get to update this blog for so long because for the nth time, I got caught up with life. When I say life, I meant books, football and my new obsession, a Korean variety show called The Return of Superman. Just look at these babies! They’re the cutest kids in the world!


This day is worth celebrating because two of my most favorite football team made it to the semis. I was so scared for them that I did not get to sleep properly. I just hope they won’t face each other in the next round though. It will be hard to choose which in team should my loyalty lie.

Hala Madrid! Forza Juventus!

Credits: Real Madrid CF Official Fan Page
Champion's League FB page

My heart is filled with joy, so please forgive the soppiness. Here’s the glorious Madridistas who welcomed the team for the Madrid derby:



Amazing, ain’t it?

Sorry if I flood you with football nonsense. I just need to let it all out lest I burst. 🙂

On a more serious note, I can’t believe April is almost over. Time flies! I wish I can stop the clock from ticking but then again, it won’t be fun to get stuck in the present. We should always move forward.

It does no harm to appreciate the moment from time to time though. I do it by reading poetry.

Savor the words. Luxuriate in the imagery.

And no one writes poetry like Pablo Neruda! I’ll leave you with a line from one of his poems:

Realism, idealism: how I dote on you both,
like water and rock,
parts of my world,
light and the tree of life packing its roots underground.

Good night!

3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Nice to see you back Mitch.beautiful and colorful post.l used to play football,now my son is a high school(soccer coach ) .thank you for visiting my blog.Best of luck.Jalal


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