Beyond Death


It is no secret that with life comes death, a tangled truth one cannot escape. Most fear the latter. Many take the former for granted.

To tackle its mysteries, men have created theories of how we came to be in this world. They also attempt to explain what happens when we are no longer here, when we cease to be a part of the living. These theories can be found in myths and legends, interwoven in religions and philosophies, and through the genius of science.

I couldn’t say I’ve found one theory I can really believe in. You can call me a skeptic, or a cynic. But there’s just no explanation that can assure me with absolute certainty of our origin and destiny, of how we begin and how we end.

I’m fascinated with those theories though, especially about creation and existence. I like how they make me ponder, question and conclude beliefs that do not have tangible a proof. That fascination is only eclipsed by my immense curiosity of what comes after.

What happens after death? Are there really such things as heaven and hell? Do we have souls? Or do we simply disintegrate into dust, become a part of the earth?

Maybe we are allowed to go back. A second chance. Another lifetime.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

This is what we are supposed to talk about for the weekly challenge. (Hi, Karenina and Joval.)

Reincarnation is defined as a religious or philosophical concept in which a soul and a spirit can begin a new life in a new body after a biological death.

I wouldn’t say I believe it, but it’s an appealing idea, a refreshing perspective when pondering about the meaning of life.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that you’ve lived many lifetimes before and you still have the chance to relieve them all over again in another body, in another life? Isn’t is comforting to know that death is not really an end but a beginning of a new story, another journey to achieve ultimate liberation?

Reincarnation opens a door of countless possibilities.

Depending on which doctrine you believe in – you may have the chance to be rewarded or punished, get another lifetime to attain enlightenment or meet the other piece of your soul.

Important encounters are planned by the soul long before the bodies see each other. -Paulo Coelho

Aye, soulmates. The idea fascinates me too. It simplifies the purpose of existence, making it a means to find that one person who will complete you and finally set you free to break the cycle of rebirth. When I had stars in my eyes, I used to yearn for it. But right now, I’m more like a disappointed idealist. I’d rather remove the rose-tinted glasses and see the harshness of reality.

So where do I stand?

I guess I will have to reach a compromise. Find the middle ground, they say.

On better days, I’ll allow myself to dream and believe in possiblities. The rest of my days I’ll spend in looking at life with steady eyes – unearthing its wonders, its shortcomings, its heartahes and its triumphs. And all those times I will try not to forget that I might not get to have another lifetime to make up for missed chances.

I might as well make the most out of this moment.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Death

  1. Lovely thoughts ,philosophy never gives a certain answer.Theories never proven to be true .Life and death are based on faith.No Faith = nothingness.To love ,to be generous,kind ,compassionate , and the best version of oneself is eternity on earth and l believe in eternity to come.Have a wonderful holiday season.Jalal


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