You Make Me Dream

I dream of beautiful things when I think of you.

I dream of infinite mornings with you, where we laze around in bed like we have all the time in the world. I will snuggle next to you, my arms resting across your bare chest. Your nose will be buried in the crook of my neck, and you’re breathing in the fragrance of my hair.

I dream of getting up and preparing our breakfast. I will cook heaps of eggs and bacon and toast. And I will make your kind of coffee, somewhere between strong and mild – just like the way you are.

I dream of having that quiet conversation, with plenty of laughter and occasional slap in the arm. I dream of sitting accross from you, concentrating on my breakfast, only to look up when I feel your gaze my way. And when I ask you what’s wrong, you’ll shrug and smile and say in a voice suspended between awe and diabelief, “Nothing. I just can’t believe I have someone like you in my life.”

I dream of spending our afternoons in the beach. While I bask in the rhythm of the waves and the gentle stirring of the salty air, you will reach out and take my hand. And you will marvel how our fingers fit perfectly. Just like that, my heart will soar.

I dream of magical evenings spent outside our home. We’ll be sitting on the soft carpet of grass, shoulders touching, hearts steadily beating. Above us is a blanket of stars. When we see one shoot across the velvet sky, we’ll both close our eyes and utter a wish.

Just as the night goes deeper, I dream of being in your arms. Yours will be the face I’ll see before I succumb to the call of sleep.

Yes, I dream of those and more. Because in dreams, you’re mine and I’m yours. There’s no us against the world. We don’t worry about tomorrows. We live by the moment.

In my dreams, we’re together and nothing can keep us apart. We are sure of who we are and even surer of what we have.

In my dreams, we can have everything.

But sadly, we live in reality.

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