The Best Deception

There’s nothing more painful than the thought that you were never enough to make him stay. Suddenly, you are torn between wanting to move on from the memories and holding on for the impossible.

But what can you do when he had already given up the fight?

It’s a fruitless cause.

You will only end up torturing yourself. The days were too long; the nights were unbearable. You wish time will speed up, but then you realize you don’t have anyone waiting in the other end. Sometimes, you wish that beautiful moment, the last one you had with him, will freeze for eternity. But it only cut the wound a little deeper, and you know it will leave a scar that will never heal.

The pain and the despair drives you on the brink, but you hold on. You still harbour that flicker of hope.

Maybe, the impossible is not that impossible anymore.

But you know you’re deceiving yourself.

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