November Madness

I haven’t posted anything for the past four weeks. I’ve been too busy,  and too many things happened.

Last month, we experienced a 7.2 earthquake. I’ve never been more scared in my whole life. Then three weeks ago, we went through a powerful typhoon that cost too many lives and left a devastating damage.

After everything, I’m just too grateful that we are still alive. I swear I won’t be complaining about all the petty and mundane things. I can even live through the boredom of having nothing to do at all as long as I have a peace of mind.

November is an unforgettable month. I’ve just turned 22, and I’m loving it.  With all the madness that go on around me, I can say that I wouldn’t live my life any other way.

I appreciate being alive now more than ever. Others weren’t that fortunate.

2 thoughts on “November Madness

  1. I have never experienced an earthquake. I could imagine how terrifying that is. To be so helpless. Puts alot of stuff into perspective, I would imagine? So good to see you blogging again. Be safe.


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